The Importance of Printing your Photos

You would think that as a photographer I'd have prints, upon prints, upon prints of my life. And that's partially true, from ages 0-18 I have boxes and albums full of photos of me growing up, with my family and with my friends. But since that point, I have so little to show for my life in pictures; a few here, a couple from that trip, but not nearly what has been captured through my iPhone. My photos live on Facebook, Instagram, old iPhones and "the cloud". I don't know about you, but I don't even know how to access that!

Since becoming a mother, printing photos of my son has been one of my biggest priorities. When he's an adult, I want him to be able to flip through old albums, or dig through a box of photos and see the images his mother took of him growing up. Those photos from my childhood are so special to me; I want him to have the same thing.

This desire to have beautiful, printed photos for my son has carried over to my clients. For years I handed over images and hoped that my clients printed them out. I cannot even begin to tell you the number of clients that have come back to me years later wanting digital files because they lost theirs and never made prints. Most times I've had them, but a few times I haven't. It breaks my heart. 

Having physical prints is not only special, but RARE. These beautiful products are not just a gift for you, but for your children. You're giving them memories for when they grow up.

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Products from left to right: Heirloom Album, Linen Album, Keepsake Print Box, Albums & Folios

The Littles Collection

The Littles Collection is the perfect way to keep your favorite photos from your session. The Keepsake print box can hold up to 100 prints, but 20 are included, leaving space for some of your own memories or mementos from your family. The Matted Folio is a beautiful piece that can sit on your desk, bedside or mantle, displaying two of your favorite images from your session.


• Keepsake print box
• 20 4x6 Prints
• Matted folio


The Motherhood Collection

The Motherhood Collection includes the same items as The Littles, but it also includes an 8x10 20pg Linen album. Each album contains 20 images from your session; one per page, and the cover is wrapped in linen with either gold, silver or rose gold embossing of your family name, child's name or favorite prhase. 


• Linen Album - 8x10 | 20 pages
• Keepsake print box
• 20 4x6 prints
• Matted folio


The Heirloom Collection

The Heirloom Collection comes with the same beautiful Keepsake Box and Matted Folio as the other two collections, but the album in this package is a true "heirloom" piece. Each album is wrapped in beautiful fabric and will be embossed with your names or saying in an elegant script. Inside the album the pages are matted and archival photographic prints are slipped in to each page. A true stunner you have to see for yourself in person.


• Heirloom Album - 7x9 | 12 prints
• Custom name on album
• Keepsake print box
• 4x6 of every photo in gallery
• Matted Folio


· All Collections include a set number of high resolution digital files from session ·
· Products such as prints, canvases, digital files and grandparent albums can be purchased a la carte ·
· A la carte prices start at $20 and range up to $1200 
· Average client spends $800-$1200 on heirlooms for their home ·

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