Newborn FAQ

Do newborn sessions really need to be scheduled in the first 5-15 days?

Yes. In that first two weeks of life babies are still very sleepy, squishy and moldable. They are used to being tucked up in your womb in a little ball. After those first 15 days their alert times are more frequent and they start stretching out. 

How soon should I contact you after my baby is born?
Within 3 days of birth please! In order to make sure we find a date within the first 5-15 days of life, it is important to get in contact with me as soon as possible.

Where do newborn sessions take place?
Newborn sessions can take place at my studio in Mount Dora, or in your home. If we do them in your home, my only requirement is that your house be very bright with light colored furnishings and decor. You can always send me photos so I can see if I think it will work.

Do I need to bring props or baskets?
My style is more natural and minimalistic, focusing primarily on the bond between your family and your baby. I do provide soft colored swaddles and blankets for you to choose from for your session. 

Can my husband and other children join me in for the newborn session?
Of course! This is definitely encouraged.  

What if my baby is super fussy and cries for most of the session?
That's ok, and totally normal! I always tell new parents that most of our session time will be spent soothing, feeding and rocking the baby. Don't feel bad or stress about this, it happens at every single session. It's just part of it!

Do you offer any discount booking the maternity & newborn session together?
Yes, please email me to inquire about this package. 

What time of day is best for at-home lifestyle sessions?

It really depends on your home! Typically homes are brightest between 10-3, so I ask you to observe your home in the weeks leading up to birth to see what time of day is the brightest.

Session & Product FAQ

How long will my session be?
Session length ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the type of session you book. A newborn session is the longest, running around 2 hours to allow enough time to feed, soothe and pose the baby.

What is included in my session?
Each session comes with different options, but they all come with a set amount of high resolution images. See full pricing at the link at the top of my site.

How long before I get my images and how do I get them?
Within 3 weeks of your session date we’ll set up your Heirloom ordering appointment where you get to come back to the studio and view your images for the first time. Bring along your spouse, mom or friend, it’s a lot of fun!

How many final images will I see in my gallery?
Each session is unique to the number of images it produces, but on average a session has around 30 final images. 

Do you offer framed prints/albums and/or order discounts?
Yes! At your Heirloom ordering appointment you can see the different products I offer and also use your print credit. 10% Discounts are offered at Heirloom ordering appointments only. Print orders will be delivered within 4 weeks of ordering, albums within 8 weeks.

Can I purchase high-resolution files for myself?
Yes you can. Contact me for more details about this, or we can discuss it at your Heirloom ordering appointment. All Heirloom Collections include high resolution files.

How long will be gallery be up, and how for long can I order products?
Galleries will be up for 30 days after your Heirloom ordering appointment and product orders can still be placed at this time.

What to Wear

What should we wear to our session?
For your baby, bring 2-3 favorite outfits in soft colors such as white, ivory, blush, pale blue or gray. The same goes for you and the rest of your family, soft colors for newborns look best! Avoid anything with words, bold patterns or graphics, as well as black, red or neon.

Do you offer any wardrobe items?
I sure do! I have many beautiful lace robes and dresses for moms, as well as a collection of neutral clothing for children ranging from newborn-2t. I also have a large assortments of bows for little girls. It's always best to bring your own outfits, but I have many you can use for alternates.

How many outfit changes can we do?
I always recommend no more than 2 outfits, but truly, just stick with one! We want to spend as much of your session time shooting, not changing. Find outfits you love and stick with those. 

Booking, Travel & Payment

What days can we book a session? 
Studio sessions are scheduled on Tuesday or Thursday between 11-4. Weekend sessions are available for an additional $100. I do offer one weekend a month where I do studio sessions for clients who can't do a weekday. Contact me for details on those dates. 

What if I'm only visiting Florida/on vacation?
No problem! I can create a custom session for out of town clients. Just shoot me a message and I can send you details.

How far do you travel?
Travel is included up to 1 hour from Mount Dora, FL with your session. If your location is further, travel fees will be applied depending on the distance and time.

How do I pay for my session? How much is due to book?
You can pay for your session either via PayPal or check. A $50 retainer is due to reserve your spot on my calendar, the remainder is due the day of your session.

General FAQ

If we do an outdoor session, what time of day will it be?
Outdoor sessions always take place within 2 hours of sunset, no matter the time of year. This is what gives us that beautiful, soft, glowy light, without harsh shadows or the heat of the day!

What if weather or sickness causes us to reschedule?
Your payment is good for 1 year from when you paid. If you or your child are sick on the day we picked we can absolutely reschedule, as well as if the weather is not ideal. Ideal lighting is everything in photography!

I'm not sure how my kids will be with a photographer. They are wild/shy.
No child will last much past an hour for posing, but luckily I try to let kids be kids! We'll do some lightly posed shots, but come prepared to play, sing and giggle with your children. And if we need to take a snack break, we will. The more fun you have the more your kids will have. So embrace the chaos and have fun!